Sex, with the support of only phimosis the compatibility

With the support of only phimosis is a disorder that can significantly affect a man's sexual activity. But what is it manifested, and how we treat that not many people know. Try to understand.

With the support of only phimosis

So, what's with the support of just phimosis? Under the support of only phimosis refers to the narrowing in the foreskin of the penis, due to its structure does not allow to open the head of the penis, or pain when you open.

A degree of support just phimosis can have a normal sexual life?

To find out whether you can sex support just phimosis mainly want the young people who have never had sexual experience. Depending on the condition of the patient more degrees with the support of only moses or the one or the other direction will affect the quality of your daily life:

  1. With the support of only phimosis in the first degree. The head of the penis easily stripped down, relaxed state, however, in order to expose the erect it is necessary that a certain, sometimes quite insignificant effort.
  2. With the support of only phimosis in the second degree. Who is the head of the penis is possible only in calm condition.
  3. With the support of only phimosis the third grade. The head of the penis, thus allowing more relaxed state, if stripped down, under the influence of serious effort.
  4. With the support of only phimosis the fourth grade. The head of the penis is hidden, difficult urination.

However, even a mild degree of the diseases referred to, may affect then what will be the sexual life of the people, because of the pain, during erection, which is a reflex reduction, and the sexual weakness.

What negative effect can occur if you have sex with the support of just phimosis?

Of course, who first met with the support of just phimosis, I thought that this disease affects the sexual activity. Please, the answer to this question is simply nothing.

With the support of only phimosis sex

With the support of only phimosis a very negative impact on the sexual life in men.

The trouble in bed, which is a consequence of the disease, are described below.

  • First, the problems, the exposure of the glans during sex, because the sperm, the women's secrets, in great quantity secreted during sexual intercourse, delayed preputial space, the penis, which, in turn, causes the development of infections of the male genitourinary system.
  • Secondly, the sexual intercourse with the support of only phimosis bringing in enough pain the next. During erection the penis can increase the size approximately by 50%. Of course, excessive tension of the foreskin in this case is causing the feeling, the pain, the strength of which depends on the severity with the support of only phimosis. In addition, the sharp movements during sex, it a piston, the nature of the most cases, followed by the micro-tears constriction of the foreskin, which causes more pain, bleeding. In fact, in the future, it may be that the situation is deteriorating, which essentially makes sexual life men in hell, the end of psychological sexual dysfunction.
  • Third, the damaged foreskin open a gateway to the severe infections indulging sexually, for example, it is possible to be infected with hepatitis b or C, HIV and many other diseases. In healthy men, the risk of contracting less.
  • Fourth, with the support of only phimosis reduces the sensitivity of the penis that is caused by the limited sliding the foreskin along the head and, consequently, the lack of stimulation of erogenous zones. Thus, the reaching orgasm, that men suffer support just phimosis is very problematic.
  • Fifth, with the support of only phimosis can cause infertility, men's wear, psychological, or mechanical in nature.
  • Sixth, frequently occurring infections of the urogenital system accompanying support just phimosis, negatively affect the viability and motility of the sperm.
  • Seventh, the support of only a phimosis can lead to para-phimosis during sexual intercourse, which consists in pinching the glans narrowed foreskin requires emergency medical intervention.

How it works support only moses or the health of your partner?

It seems that the support just phimosis problem in the case of men, however, a significant number of pathogenic microbes, accumulates with the support of only phimosis in prepucialna space, can cause severe infection of the genitourinary system in women.


How to have sex during this?

I think with the support of only phimosis no effect? The pain to endure, and reach the orgasm? And for good reason. Despite the apparent lack of severity of disease, sex support just phimosis, it is desirable, according to certain rather simple rules.

  1. Conduct a thorough hygiene care, both before and after the sexual contact. This reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Prepare the penis for retraction, which must be slow, careful, for example, the king of the ice.
  3. Try to increase the sensitivity of the penis using a lubricant.
  4. Use a condom, it will protect the partner of the infected with the body of the micro trauma to the foreskin.

When you consult a doctor, seek treatment with the support of just phimosis?

Despite the fact that many people living with the disease don't experience any particular problems, in some cases with the support of only phimosis that requires immediate medical intervention.

Anxiety symptoms in this case:

  • difficulty or inability outcrops glans of the penis;
  • urination problems, namely, the accumulation in the urine in the cavity of the foreskin and the subsequent discharge in a thin stream, or reduced;
  • painful erection;
  • various inflammatory reactions, the discharge of a purulent nature, increase nearby lymph nodes, increased body temperature;
  • acute pain in the glans of the penis, blue;
  • with the support of just phimosis, 3., 4 grade, not only significantly reduces the quality of sexual life, the people, but also full of the risk of complications of para phimosis and balanoposthitis.
Treatment support only phimosis

Treatment support just phimosis, depending on the severity, can be achieved in several ways:

  • stretching, the stretching or Masturbation;
  • corticosteroid like ointments;
  • surgical intervention – namely, that a full or partial circumcision.

The above methods allow to get rid of the support just phimosis, as well as related problems.

As you can see, the sex, and with the support of just phimosis, things are completely compatible, however this disease is still not worth it.

Keep in mind the precautions described in the article. Follow the hygiene and the smallest problem, contact your doctor. It's the only way you will be able to live a full vibrant life!