The symptoms, treatment, urethritis in men

Urethritis the inflammatory process, which may occur in the walls of the urethra. The disease diagnosis is quite often possible to identify every person, age, gender. The reasons are very different: the failure to observe personal hygiene lesions of the urethra to the different pathogens. How to treat urethritis in men?

urethritis in men

Characteristics of the disease in men

The men and women of the disease with different manifestations, which is related to the peculiarities of the urogenital system. If the female urethritis is virtually without symptoms, the inflammation, the urethra, the men are accompanied by various unpleasant sensations.

The reason for this is that the activation of the inflammatory process, the doctors think it is mainly sexual infections. The first manifestation of the disease is weakness of the body. The man can feel after only a few hours after the ingestion of pathogenic micro-organisms. Exists, not infectious causes of disease (trauma, allergic reaction, malnutrition and personal hygiene, etc.), but they occur quite rarely.

It is important to start treatment of inflammation in the initial stages of development, as urethritis may lead to the development of diseases of the urogenital system and reproductive disorders.


The main reasons that cause development of urethritis, male doctors are the following:

  1. Diseases that can be transmitted by sexual intercourse without a condom (herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, Trichomonas, Ureaplasma, chlamydia, etc.). Basically inflammation of the urethra just a symptom of such infections.
  2. Violation of metabolic processes (especially in the pelvic area).
  3. The effects on the body various toxic substances.
  4. Stagnant processes in the pelvic area. The appearance of stagnation of venous blood, preceded by constipation, hemorrhoids, the practice of interrupted intercourse.
  5. Allergies, which can cause food, personal hygiene, or some medications.
  6. A number of acidic, salty food with lots of spices in the diet, which may be irritating to the mucous membranes.

To provoke inflammation can be the following factors:

  • The hypothermia.
  • Promiscuous.
  • The stress.
  • Physical or mental, emotional exhaustion.
  • The malnutrition.
  • Damage to the walls of the urethra as a result of mechanical impact (medical manipulations, etc.).

Classification of urethritis

According priority to the development of inflammation in the disease:

  1. Primary infection develops directly into the urethra.
  2. The secondary focus of infection other organs. Together with bloodstream pathogens are able to penetrate into the urethra.
urethritis, cystitis in males

Urethritis, cystitis

These two diseases are very often accompanied by each other, so patients often confuse them, taking into account that one thing is another. But it turns out that there are significant differences.

First, this is the place where the inflammation. If urethritis inflamed mucous membrane of the urethra, in time cystitis, which are exposed to the bladder wall.

Differences in the urethritis, cystitis, the symptoms of the disease. The cystitis, the urine has an unpleasant odor, becomes cloudy. In contrast, the men who have urethritis, general weakness of the body.


The first signs of urethritis in men can occur at different times: a few hours later (allergic illness), through 3-21 days (if caused by pathogens, depending on the type of pathogen) in a few months (viral urethritis), or up to several years (tuberculosis hospital).

The characteristic manifestations of the disease:

  • Painful urination.
  • Discharge from the urethra (the nature of which is associated with the file types of the pathogen).
  • Burning sensation, itching in the penis.

When the pathology becomes chronic, the symptoms disappear completely, except for a little discomfort in the groin area.


If you have any signs of inflammation of the urethra, the man, it is important that the full course of treatment. If you leave the hospital unattended, the disease can lead to serious consequences. This is reflected in the fact that the inflammatory process may spread to the testes, scrotum, prostate.

One of the complications of the disease — inflammation of the prostate

The biggest problem is the urethritis in men include prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis. Prolonged treatment absence often leads to the operation of the reproductive system.


Noticed the symptoms of urethritis, men, contact your doctor, who will prescribe the necessary tests, and will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. It is based on the diagnostic data provided for treatment of urethritis.

During the test, the urologist will palpate the urethra, the seals, pain, check inguinal lymph nodes. They will review the distribution and determine if the swelling.

The accurate diagnosis of the man you have to give some test or tests shall be carried out:

  1. The sample should be taken of the walls of the urethra.
  2. Analysis of urine, blood.
  3. Bacterial identification antibiotic sensitivity.
  4. The study of the urethra.
  5. PCR (analysis allows you to identify the specific pathogen, which is particularly important in the treatment).
  6. Screening for syphilis, HIV.


urethritis treatment

Before to appoint certain drugs for the treatment of urethritis in men, the doctor will listen to the patient, that the total period of therapy is necessary to completely eliminate the sex. This includes not only classic sex, but also oral sex and Masturbation. In the case if the development of the disease is caused by infection transmitted sexually, compulsory treatment should be the partner of the man.

It is also important to follow a special diet. During this period, to completely eliminate the diet spices, pickles, oily, salty, spicy food. It is forbidden to drink alcohol. Speeding up the process of recovery during treatment, you need to keep the drinking system. This should be a day to drink at least 2 litres of pure water without gas.

Antibiotic therapy

Treatment of urethritis is always based on the use of antibiotics to cure the disease impossible. The name of the medicine and the dosage should be determined by your doctor based on test results. All possible agents the sensitivity to antibacterial preparations, that the common antibiotics bladder infection treatment is not suitable.


To reduce pain, the men prescribed anti-septic preparations. Are medicines in tablet form, as well as local sources.

Candles, ointments

To speed up the healing process help the local medicines, which are used in combination antibacterial therapy. The rectum candles in the efficiency compared to injection.


To restore the protection forces of the body, the doctor will prescribe the patient's immunomodulatory. They all include the most important, of course, like decreased immunity is considered to be one of the main reasons for the development of the disease. You should also take that effect, supports the immune system.


The treatment of urethritis, male, it is important to eliminate the shortage of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the doctor may prescribe medicines (multivitamin preparations with high content of vitamins A, C, D, e, to Replenish the supply of vitamins to the body helps a balanced diet, enrichment of diet, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Folk remedies

It is important to understand that to completely cure the disease folk remedies is impossible. However, the use of the drug to help prevent relapse, and to accelerate the healing. This can be used, decoction, infusion, herbs that you can prepare at home:

  1. The infusion made from the leaves of a black currant. This tool is an antiseptic effect, helps to enrich the body of vitamins. Cook 3 tablespoons of dried leaves pour 250 ml of boiling water, then leave to cool. After this infusion filter, take 15 minutes before meals, three times a day.
  2. A decoction of oak bark. This device eliminates the pain, burning sensation, which appears, at the time of urination. For cooking 1 tablespoon of raw materials, pour 250 ml boiling water and kept in a water bath for about 20 minutes. After cooling, the decoction filtered, accepted, 1 tablespoon before each meal. Use the broth also sitz bath.
  3. Infusion of cornflower. Prepare 1 teaspoon of dried flowers pour 250 ml of boiling water, and then administered at least 1 hour. After that, the medium filter is taken three times a day before meals for 2 tablespoons. The drug helps to relieve the inflammation to normalize the microflora.

Urethritis children

The inflammation of the urethra not only affect the adults. Urethritis in children, not less common. Because the appearance of both infectious or noninfectious factors. Infectious is considered to be the belief that the urethra, the bacteria, the viruses, gonococci, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma. The non-infectious factors is dominated by trauma (passing through the urethra, the stones or the medical procedures), allergic reactions, congestive processes of the pelvic. In addition to the appearance can cause narrowing of the urethra.

The symptoms in children is always associated with sex. The boys are more characteristic burning sensation of urination during the itching of the penis, the discharge (white or mucus) and the presence in the urine of the blood. The girls, the disease is manifested frequent urination, pain in the abdomen.

urethritis diagnosis

Diagnosis using the urine, stool, urethra. If the doctor suspects a chronic form of the disease, the child will be held urethroscopy.

The treatment is carried out, depending on the form of the disease. In the case of acute stage of urethritis using antibiotics, which are suitable for specific age groups. In the case of diagnosing chronic forms, in addition to the antibiotics, the patient applied medications to maintain immunity, for the introduction of drugs into the urethra.

After the treatment the child should be re-examined. Together, the medication, the child needs a special diet (except for the smoked, spicy, salty) and drink system.

In the absence of treatment in the initial stage of the disease, urethritis, the child may be a chronic form, when cured will be much more difficult.


Disease, including urethritis, it is easier to avoid than to deal with its consequences. It's the people, it is important to follow certain preceding rules:

  • Comply strictly with the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Wear underwear made from natural material.
  • Do not use other things for individual use (towels, bedding, etc.). Thus, it is possible to get infected with various infections, fungi.
  • Leave promiscuity. A permanent partner. In the case of contact with a casual partner, it is important to use barrier methods of contraception (condom).
  • Regularly (at least 2 times a year), that the people must be subjected to prior examination by the urologist. This must be done, even if I'm not worried, because many infections can not be seen, however, because the male body irreparable damage.
  • Timely treatment for any genital infections, diseases, fungi caused by. This is due to the fact that it can give complications to the urethra, which is the development of urethritis.
  • To avoid cooling, especially in the genital area.
  • To protect the reproductive organs to potential damage.
  • Avoid excessive physical and emotional exhaustion.
  • To the proper nutrition, enough vitamins and minerals in foodstuffs.
  • To observe the drinking system, drink during the day at least 2 liters of clean water without gas.
  • Get rid of bad habits, or reduce to the minimum.
  • To avoid the delay urination, and the first urge to completely empty your bladder.
  • To harden the body, and then use the vitamins for immune system support.
urethritis children

Every year a large number of people are faced with such a diagnosis, urethritis. To cause inflammation of the urethra may be several reasons. The most common infections that can be transmitted sexually. In addition, release of allergic, traumatic urethritis is not related to the urethra pathogens.

No matter what was the cause of the inflammatory process, the disease required for the treatment, which may be ordered only by a physician after performing a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the underlying cause. All medical advice should be strictly adhered to by the patient. This is due to the fact that urethritis is difficult to cure, if the therapy of course, in the end, relapse, transfer to the urethritis chronic or develop complications.